Horse Riding Simulator

RPSimulators are currently taking orders for November 2024

The MK2 is our latest RPSimulator; it is a revolutionary training tool used to improve jockeys fitness and technique and cost only £1699

Designed by a former professional jockey with over 20 years of race riding experience and in conjunction with some of the top equestrian performance and sport science coaches in the world.

World Class Equestrian Performance Coach & Sport Scientist Jon Pitts 

"The MK2 is the best and most specific training a jockey can get off the horse. What most simulators miss is the integral relationship between rider and horse’s balance, and this should always be the foundation of jockey training. Any jockey looking to improve their position, technique and strength need to understand that balance and body control need to be established first.

This is exactly what the MK2 does, teaching jockeys to control their torso through greater stability in the leg. A jockey’s body and position can either positively or negatively influence a horse’s rhythm and balance. The MK2 is the best way of learning and developing the ability to have the positive effect that only the best jockeys have.

What is included in the box?

  • 1 x RPSimulator MK2 including everything to get you started (This does not include reins, tools or shock pump which can all be bought separately)

What is not included:

  • Start up and maintenance pack which includes reins, shock pump, 17mm spanner, 6mm Allen key, spare end caps and stirrup grips - £65.99
  • Reins - £20
  • Shock pump - £31.99
  • 17mm spanner - £10
  • 6mm Allen key - £4

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