What are the benefits of the RPS simulator compared to others on the market?

The RPSimulator MK2 has been designed by a former jockey with over 20 year’s race-riding experience who is now also a jockey coach, so knows and understands the challenges for reaching the ultimate goal of race riding fitness which is so difficult to achieve using regular gym equipment.

The RPS is unique in that it is small, light and foldaway by comparison to competition on today’s market. The RPS is a robust workhorse having been trialled in a tough environment and in constant use.

In my opinion, the RPS is the best piece of equipment to simulate riding a finish, and to help jockeys to refine the skills needed in using the whip.

How much does it cost to ship the RPSimulator?

The RPS can be shipped anywhere in the world but to give you some ideas of the cost of shipping see below: America approximately £120, Australia approximately £190, Europe approximately £30, Japan / China / Korea approximately £135, South Africa approximately £170, Dubai approximately £135.  The RPS can be shipped worldwide and we always seek to get the best price for shipping to wherever you want the RPS to go. These prices are to give you an idea only; please get in touch with me via Facebook or email to receive the actual cost.

How can I pay for an RPSimulator?

The RPS can be paid for via a direct bank transfer. If you go to the Buy page and fill out the online request I will answer any questions, provide a delivery quote or send you and invoice. All payment details will be included in the invoice.

Do I have to pay taxes to import my RPSimulator in some counties?

Import duties are applied when the equipment is delivered. I can advise you from previous experience as to what these charges may be, however, as the purchaser, you are liable to investigate what duties your country charges.

Can I get finance? 

Not yet; I am looking into this option and will update the website and my Facebook page as soon as I’ve made some progress

Do I need to pay VAT No you won’t need to pay VAT? 

The RPS is not subject to VAT and therefore the price quoted is the price you pay. The only additional cost would be transport costs, and possibly import costs depending on the destination.

How much does it weigh?

The RPS simulator weighs 26 kilos, which makes it one of lightest on the market, and it also folds away making it portable and easier to store away when not in use. When folded it will fit into the back of a Mini!

Can you supply me with a personalised training programme for using my RPS? 

Absolutely! Please just get in touch either via my Facebook page, or by emailing me richardperham@hotmail.com

Does the RPS come with a warranty?

Yes, the RPSimulator has a 1 year warranty from the day of shipping. This warranty includes parts (not the reins, neck pad or seat pad) if it is used within the safety guidelines on the website.

How do I get replacement parts?

I always keep a stock of replacement parts, so please get in touch with me either via Facebook or by email or telephone with your requirements and I will send you a quote as soon as possible.

How do I maintain the shock absorber? 

There is a YouTube clip which you can open by clicking here. The shock absorber should be checked for signs of wear and tear before each use and regularly maintained to prolong it’s use. Failure to maintain the shock absorber may result in it failing.

Can I get my RPSimulator in a different colour? 

Yes, The RPSimulator can be made available in a variety of colours. All you need to do is to let me know your preferred colour and the simulator can be made to order just for you (additional charges may apply).

Can I get my name put on my RPSimulator?

Yes, The RPSimulator can have an alternative name applied to the main frame. All you need to do is to let me know your requirements and the simulator can be made to order just for you (additional charges may apply).

Do you offer sponsorship?

I would consider applications for sponsorship for any new RPS owner. Please get in touch and we can discuss.

How old do I need to be to use this? 

The RPSimulator is suitable for any person who wishes to improve their race fitness over the age of 8 years. The shock absorber can be adjusted to accommodate the weight of the rider; the minimum weight allowance is 31 kilos and the maximum weight allowance is 76 kilos (5-12 stone).