Warranty & Safety

Important Safety Information

Like any sport or undertaking of fitness, using a RPSimulator may result in a risk of injury and damage if used incorrectly. By choosing to use the RPSimulator, you assume full responsibility for that risk. Please read the following rules of safety, and maintenance for your RPSimulator before use:

  • Ensure that you have assembled the RPSimulator correctly according to the assembly instructions
  • Ensure that you have the pressure correct in the shock absorber according to the weight of the rider. Recommended pressure for the shock absorber
  • 5st (31kg) to 7st (44kg) – 100 psi 7st (44kg) to 9st (57kg) – 125 psi - 9st (57kg) to 12st (76kg) – 150 psi
  • Ensure that all supporting pins are fully in place and secure, and do not appear to be worn or damaged (Figure 5 in the assembly instructions)
  • Ensure that the turn screw under the neck is hand tightened fully anti clockwise/left handed
  • Ensure that the whipping pads are fully extended and that the supporting pins are fully in place and secure
  • If you are using stick/whip on the RPSimulator always make sure that there is sufficient room to swing your stick to avoid contact with other objects/people
  • Always set up your RPSimulator on a level, non- slippery surface
  • Only one person at a time ever uses or sits on the RPSimulator
  • It is recommended that the maximum weight using the RPSimulator is below 12st (76kg)
  • If any part is broken, do not attempt to ride or use the RPSimulator in any way



You are responsible for the activities and safety of your child. This includes making sure that the RPSimulator is in good repair and safe operating condition; that your child has learned and understands the safe operation of the RPSimulator, and that you supervise all children when they are using the RPSimulator.

WARNING: Make sure that you wear an approved riding hat when riding your RPSimulator


Full One Year Warranty

This product is protected against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. If the product proves to be defective in materials or workmanship during this period, it will be repaired or the faulty item replaced free of charge (whichever is more suitable).

This warranty does not apply to damage resulting in misuse, accidents or following any alterations to the product or any set up outside of the guidelines of assembly.

All returns must be carefully packed and pre- paid with a description of the defected part.